49ers new Santa Clara stadium cost goes up again — to $1.3 billion

When Santa Clara teamed up with the San Francisco 49ers to build Levi’s Stadium, it inked a deal ostensibly designed to avoid the costly pitfalls experienced by so many other municipalities with taxpayer-financed NFL venues.. Yet in the five years since celebrating the opening of the $1.3 billion coliseum, a bitter feud with the Niners over revenue-sharing and management has made the city.

Santa Clara is getting some serious investment in the coming years. The city council voted to unanimously approve a $6.5 billion private development project for the area next to Levi’s Stadium.

SANTA CLARA – San Francisco 49ers fans have already bought 0 million worth of seats and luxury boxes in the new Silicon Valley stadium, as most longtime. prices of their luxury suites, which.

If the interest rate goes up. 1.3 billion, and MetLife Stadium in New jersey costing .6 billion. The cost of the proposed Minnesota Vikings stadium in Arden Hills is $1.1 billion, and the cost of.

Levi’s Stadium currently houses the NFL team the San Francisco 49ers. The stadium was built to give the 49ers their own home. Previously, they shared Candlestick Park. Levi’s Stadium opened on July 17, 2014 with the construction taking just over a two years at a cost of just over $1.3 billion.

SAN JOSE – The Earthquakes have signed a five-year deal with the 49ers to play. FC to christen the $1.3 billion Levi’s next to Great America amusement park in Santa Clara. The Quakes plan to open.

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The 49ers started their fourth season in Levi’s Stadium on Sunday, and the #trafficproblems in Santa Clara were in midseason form. The factors contributing to troubling images of sparse attendance.

When Was Levi’s Stadium Built?. with the Santa Clara to construct a $1.3 billion stadium. Ninety percent of the stadium was funded by the sale of stadium assets, a hotel tax, the 49ers and.

10 of the Most Expensive NFL Stadiums Your precious tax dollars paid For Taxpayers paid more for the No. 1 stadium than the cost of any stadium built before 2009. Jason Notte

05.08.2014 Santa Clara: Harsh reviews of Levi’s Stadium’s opening night. Saturday saw the first event at Levi’s Stadium and also thousands of frustrated fans, who couldn’t get in or out the stadium. The list of downturns is very long, though Levi’s Stadium has a chance of making a great future.

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