China Could Spoil Sri Lanka’s Chance To Become A Breakout Nation Again

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On Saturday, Sri Lanka finally signed a $1.1 billion deal selling China 70 per cent stake in its strategic Hambantota Port. The fact that the Chinese signatory, the state-run China Merchant Port Holdings, is a Hong Kong based firm reminds not just of a similar 99-year lease that Chinese had signed in 1841 following their Opium War with Great Britain.

This is a Chinese move against India. No one wants to reopen the old wounds, but I believe the way forward for India is either connect Sri Lanka with a bridge or establish Tamil Eelam with the help of UN. https://

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#IndiaDecides Turnaround Nation With Ruchir Sharma Taken from the New York Times- Struggling to pay its debt to Chinese firms, the nation of Sri Lanka formally handed over the strategic port of Hambantota to China on a 99-year lease last week, in a deal that government critics have said threatens the country’s sovereignty.. In recent years, China has shored up its presence in the Indian Ocean, investing billions of dollars to build port.

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China to implement its projects in Sri Lanka ignoring negative forces Clashes erupted after protesters pelted stones at the area where the ceremony was being held. Share Via Email

Many in Sri Lanka are voicing dissent – questioning the wisdom of handing over "national assets" of the island nation to China and India in the guise of regional economic development. There has been stinging opposition to the China-sponsored construction of the Hambantota port and development projects involving an investment of $1.5 billion.