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After all, 40% of people can’t pay for a $400 emergency with cash on hand; only half have three months in emergency savings, and almost half carry credit card debt month to month. While the "retire.

I didn’t want a decision made at 23 to come back and haunt me years down the road. Instead, I chose to be proactive by eliminating my mortgage as quickly as possible. Investing vs. Paying Off Mortgage Earlier . Many financial advisors promote investing money in the stock market instead of paying off your mortgage. Historically, the stock market has yielded greater returns over time compared to the historic lows of mortgage rates.

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One of my favorite posts on this website recalls the time when I finally paid off my mortgage and finally became debt-free and owned, "Every Blade of Grass." What made me especially proud of this moment was that it was just four years removed from me being at my lowest place in life, emotionally and financially.

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There was guidance about reducing the mortgage over time, but my intention was to pay it off when I retired as I have. The key condition said: You will be free to draw on your account for any.

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As someone who just became completely debt free, paying off your mortgage is awesome. Because of that, I thought my answer to this question would be straightforward: to not pay off your mortgage until you’ve paid off your other debt. And that would be it, I’d have one really, really, short article.

Debt Free by Forty: Why I Chose to Pay Off My Mortgage – Physician on FIRE I decided I wanted to be debt free by forty. Although I might have been better off keeping a mortgage and investing the rest, I have no regrets.

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If I had purchased the S&P 500, back when I bought my house (June 2004) and held it until I paid off my mortgage (december 2012), the total return from the S&P 500 would have been 46.04% with dividends (Source: DQYDJ). On face value, that would have been a higher compounded annual rate of return at 4.6% with dividends reinvested versus the 2.9% from paying off my mortgage early.

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