What to Expect From the Housing Market in 2019

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Prediction: We expect consumer spending and disposable personal income to continue to rise through 2019. Consumer confidence is strong, having risen considerably since the Great Recession. A strong labor market will support wages, confidence and spending. Risk: Tariffs and other political factors may negatively impact consumer confidence.

What to Expect From the Housing Market in 2019. Well now that 2018 has wrapped, we can look towards 2019 and formulate somewhat of a forecast. Notice we said, forecast, not crystal ball! The ups and downs of 2018 are still fresh in all our minds and remind.

Buying The most common topic of conversation for homebuyers & sellers this new year is rising interest rates. Mortgage rates are at their highest since 2011. higher interest rates are a sign of a good economy – especially compared with historically low unemployment rates – the change has many consumers hesitating about jumping into the housing market.

Fed’s Rate Cut Signal Indicates Weakening Economy Despite rebounding consumer spending in the second quarter and a robust June jobs data, it is hard to ignore the slowdown in business investment,

WATCH: Growth in the housing market came to a halt this year, amid rising interest rates and tighter rules. So what's in store for 2019?

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The stock rebounded to start 2019, as investors realized the housing market is not as bad as many had feared. as it benefits from price increases for its products. Analysts expect sales and.

Pay Attention To How The Stock Reacts To The News: From where I sit, the most important trait I look for during earnings season is how the market and a specific company reacts to the news. Remember,

 · But if interest rates rise to 5 percent in 2019, as many analysts expect, that monthly payment would rise to $2,577. At 5.5 percent, the payment would be.

The 2019 US housing market is expected to see 5% by the end of the year. This could put the brakes on in the minds of some potential buyers. But keeping an eye on the additional opportunities will help to temper those challenges – bringing fuel to your business growth pipeline.

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